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Foreign Languages and Cultures Study Abroad

Interested in advancing your language skills or learning language in a study abroad program?  The Department of Foreign Languages encourages you to participate in a study abroad program to experience language skills and cultural knowledge in a country of your choice.

The International Programs’ Office of Global Learning is the place to begin.  You can check out the types of programs offered, where the study abroad programs are offered, academic planning, and how to apply.



The Department of Foreign Languages is currently offering these FACULTY-LED study abroad Programs through Global Learning:

WSU SUMMER IN AUSTRIA with Professor JT Hughes – Berlin
Summer 2018: June 1 –  July 16
Earn 6 credits: German 308 or German 408 and German 320 or German 420
Deadline to Apply:  February 1, 2018

WSU SUMMER IN GERMANY with Professor Joshua Bonzo – Berlin
Summer 2018:  May 25 – June 8
Earn 3 credits: German 120 or Honors 380 (Honors students only)
Deadline to Apply: February 1, 2018

WSU SUMMER IN FRANCE with Professor Insook Webber – Paris
Summer 2018: May 21 –  June 30
Earn 6 credits: French 308 or French 408 and French 320
Deadline to Apply: February 1, 2018