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Foreign Languages and Cultures Mission Statement


In an increasingly interconnected world, the Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures educates students to become communicatively competent and informed global citizens with proficiency in languages and critical insights into world cultures. As scholars we pursue research of culture, film, language, and literature that contributes to a greater understanding of the human experience around the globe.


Our scholarship and teaching will place us at the center of university initiatives that contribute to career advancement in a global society, cultural intelligence, intercultural competence, and applied language skills for our students’ personal and professional goals.


  • We advance the applied learning and competency in cultures and world languages.
  • We value inclusivity, respect for all cultures, and an appreciation for cultural diversity.
  • We strive for excellence in teaching.
  •  We play a key role in the career advancement of our students through active participation in university efforts to improve all aspects of undergraduate and graduate education.
  • We pursue scholarship to foster creativity, innovation, and trans-disciplinary and interdisciplinary connections through research activities and involvement in professional organizations.
  • We foster partnerships and relationships with others to advance the university’s global initiatives.
  • We facilitate intercultural experiences for WSU faculty, students, and staff on campus and abroad.