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Foreign Languages and Cultures Meet Our Faculty

Dr. Jolyon T. Hughes
Hughes, JT

Chair & Professor of German

Weiguo Cao
Cao, Weiguo

Clinical Associate Professor of Chinese


Joan Grenier-Winther
Grenier-Winther, Joan

Professor of French

Hubert, Mike

Associate Professor of Spanish

Lee-López, María

Instructor of Spanish Language and Culture

Sonia Lopez-Lopez
Lopez-Lopez, Sonia

Spanish Instructor

Mina Herrera, Sandra

Spanish Instructor

Maria (Sere) Previto
Previto, Maria Serenella

Clinical Associate Professor of Italian & Spanish

Smith, Elena

Instructor of Russian

Borges, Olga

Spanish Instructor

Serratos, Francisco

Spanish Instructor, Tri-Cities

McKee, Jessica

Spanish Conversation Instructor – Vancouver


Reho Abo
Abo, Reho

Instructor of Japanese


Gabriela Gamez
Gamez, Gabriela

Spanish Instructor

Gulam, Cassandra

Program Leader & Instructor of Spanish Language and Culture

Vilma Navarro-Daniels
Navarro-Daniels, Vilma

Associate Professor of Spanish

Ana Maria Vivaldi
Rodríguez-Vivaldi, Ana María

Associate Dean, Student Affairs and Global Education & Associate Professor of Spanish

Insook Webber
Webber, Insook

Instructor of French

Willow Zheng
Zheng, Willow

Adjunct Faculty of Chinese Language and Culture

Lee, Hyun Gyung

Korean Instructor

Shaheen, Manal

Arabic Instructor

Joshua Bonzo
Bonzo, Joshua

Clinical Associate Professor of German

Sabine Davis
Davis, Sabine

Clinical Associate Professor of French

Jennings, Karen

Instructor of German

Liu, Xinmin

Associate Professor of Chinese

Manzo-Robledo, Francisco

Professor of Spanish

Kayo Niimi
Niimi, Kayo

Instructor of Japanese

Sergey Lapin
Lapin, Sergey

Russian Instructor

Sileoni, Maria

Spanish Instructor

Barrows, Jacob

French Instructor

Ma, Ling

Chinese Instructor