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Foreign Languages and Cultures Current Courses

Current & Upcoming Course Schedules

Courses in Foreign Languages, Films, Literatures and Cultures are offered in Fall, Spring and Summer. Click on the links below to see courses offered in that language or area in upcoming semesters.

** Coming Fall 2016 **

Beginning Arabic (Offered as FOR_LANG 100 Section 01)

Beginning Korean (Offered as FOR_LANG 100 Section 02)

Currently offered courses:

Chinese (Chin)
        Spring 2017    Summer 2017         Fall 2016

For L (Foreign Languages And Cultures)
        Spring 2017    Summer 2017         Fall 2016

French (Fren)
        Spring 2017    Summer 2017         Fall 2016

        Spring 2017     Summer 2017         Fall 2016

German (Ger)
        Spring 2017    Summer 2017         Fall 2016

Japanese (Japn)
        Spring 2017    Summer 2017         Fall 2016

Russian (Rus)
        Spring 2017    Summer 2017         Fall 2016

Spanish (Span)
        Spring 2017    Summer 2017         Fall 2016


WSU Summer Courses


GER’s (General Education Courses Offered by the Dept of Foreign Languages & Cultures)


For a description of all courses offered in this department (Course Catalog), click here.