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Spanish for Veterinarians

Student Testimonials:

“Since I was in grade school, the Spanish language and different cultures that use it have always interested me, and becoming a better speaker will continue to be an important goal in my life. When I began taking Spanish classes in high school and at my undergraduate university, Spanish and my science/health classes never connected until I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Peru for 3 months. I had never realized the international opportunities in veterinary medicine until I was able to see firsthand the closeness of the relationship between the rural Peruvians and their animals and livestock. ¬†Spanish has now become a link connecting my love for veterinary medicine, and my desire to help relieve poverty in developing countries. Since starting vet school, I have also learned of the importance of knowing Spanish and working in the United States. Being able to speak with clients and with workers on large livestock farms who cannot speak English well, is essential in practicing the best medicine and promoting animal health to its fullest.

The advanced Spanish for Veterinarians class offered at WSU CVM has so far been a great experience and well worth taking! There has been a great diversity of topics covered to expose us to new vocabulary and important cultural differences, while giving us the opportunity to practice speaking and listening. The dedication of the professors to student learning and their willingness to work with the busy schedules of vet students has been exceptional. I am so thankful to have this opportunity to broaden my understanding of veterinary medicine and increase my capacity to talk with people and care for their animals. I truly believe that this class will make a better veterinarian!

” – Heather Hergert, 2nd Year VetMed Student