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Foreign Languages and Cultures STAMP Exam
*STAndards-Based Measurement of Proficiency (STAMP) Exam




*Honors students please contact Katie Alexander with questions or for Honors STAMP testing dates

*International Business students please contact your Carson Advisor with questions


All students majoring or minoring in a foreign language program must take the STAMP exit exam as part of their major or minor degree at the end of the semester in which the final language course of the degree program is completed.

STAMP 4S measures the ability to read, speak, write, and aurally comprehend a language. The completion of this exam offers immediate concrete benefits to students. Because the STAMP 4S is administered by a nationally-recognized testing company, the results provide a widely-respected, accurate measure of a student’s level of foreign language proficiency that can be used in future professional endeavors, such as on resumes, job applications, scholarship applications, and/or graduate school applications.

WSU mandates the assessment of student proficiency at the end of the major and minor degree programs, and the results from these exams are used to improve the quality of our academic programs.

Foreign Languages and Cultures Spring 2018
Exit Exam Schedule and Information



INFORMATION SESSION:  Monday, April 16th, 4-5pm in Thompson 210 (Language Lab) 


** NOTE:  Bring the STAMP voucher with you to the exam! ** 

The exam cost is $25 and is purchased as a voucher through The Bookie

  • Wednesday, April 18th, 4-7pm:  in Thompson 210 (Language Lab)
  • OR
  • Thursday, April 19th, 4-7pm:   in Thompson 210 (Language Lab)


  • Do all foreign language majors and minors have to take the exam?
    • Yes.
  • I am an Honors student and have already taken the STAMP exam. Do I have to take it again?
    • Yes. You will need to take the exam for your major or minor degree program. The Honors STAMP exam was for the assessment of the language 204 level requirement.
  • When am I required to take the exam?
    • Students are required to take the exam at the end of the semester in which they complete the final language course of their major or minor degree program.
    • Remember, this exam tests the student’s ability to read, speak and write spontaneously in the language of study, and we like our students to do their best!
  • How do I begin the process for the exam?
    • Students need to purchase a STAMP exam voucher for $25 at The Bookie prior to taking the exam.
    • Sign up for the exam in Thompson 101 in the Language Lab.
    • Attend the information session on Monday, April 16th from 4:10 – 5pm in Thompson 210 (Language Lab).
    • Bring the voucher with you when you come to take the exam or you may have to take the exam at a later date.
  • How long is the exam?
    • The exam can take up to three hours to complete.
  • Who should I contact if I have questions?