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Program Information:

More than twice as many people speak Mandarin Chinese as any other language in the world.  Mandarin is the national language of the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan, and is spoken with increasing frequency in Hong Kong, Singapore and throughout South East Asia.  Chinese is indeed one of the most important global languages today, and knowing it would be an asset to anyone engaged in international business, with an interest in government service, or curious about the richness of a vast and layered culture mixed with a vibrant, bustling contemporary society.In the Pacific Northwest, there is more trade with Chinese-speaking nations than with any other place on the globe.  And this is only increasing.  Chinese is one of the highest skill priorities for the FBI, CIA, NSA, and Foreign Service.  The links between China and the United States are of vital interest to all.  Blending Chinese with a variety of other majors and career pursuits will afford the enterprising student the sort of edge necessary for success in this increasingly competitive marketplace.

At Washington State University, we presently offer three years of Chinese language study and several English-language courses on Chinese and Asian culture.  Students can minor in Chinese or they can major in Asian Studies with an emphasis on China.  Currently, we have students pursuing Chinese philosophy and martial arts, mixing Chinese with work toward an MBA, future engineers, English teachers, and international students from Japan and Korea.

Study Abroad:

There are many excellent opportunities for study abroad in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. China is a vast civilization dating several thousand years. Exploring this fascinating culture, its people and geography, is affordable, and one can gain college credit while doing it. The programs listed below are of the highest quality. Admission to them is possible with a good GPA, letters of recommendation, and two years of Chinese language training here at WSU. For information about other programs, contact Professor Cao.

Recommended Programs:


Financial Aid:

Chinese is currently among the highest priority of languages the United States wishes its citizens to study. For that reason, there are several generous government and private scholarships available. Some of these are listed below.

Financial Aid Opportunities

Freeman Scholarships for Study in Asia

Gilman International Scholarship Program

Boren NSEP Scholarship for Study Abroad

Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship

For More Information Please Contact:

Dr. Weiguo Cao
Thompson Hall 101E

Pullman, WA 99164
(509) 335-6626

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