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Foreign Languages and Cultures Japanese

Japanese Faculty

Program Information

The B.A. program follows other foreign language programs in offering students a choice between a standard Japanese Language and Culture major (34 credits) and a Japanese for the Professions Major (25 credits; second major only). The Japanese Language and Culture degree option prepares students to enter the teaching profession and/or continue their study of the language at the graduate level. Japanese for the Professions offers a skills-based, proficiency-oriented second major that prepares students to communicate in Japanese in professional settings. This new major focuses on both language proficiency and intercultural proficiency to provide students entering today’s global, diverse workplace with the communication skills necessary to work effectively within and across different language communities, increasing their employ-ability.
Checklist for Japanese Major

The Minor in Japanese Language

At Washington State University we presently offer three years of Japanese language study and several English-language courses on Japanese and Asian culture. Students can minor in Japanese or major in Asian Studies with an emphasis on Japan. The Japanese minor complements a range of majors and professions, and creates greater opportunities to study, work, and travel abroad.
Requirements Checklist (.pdf)

Courses Offered

First level: Japanese 101, 102
Japanese 105 Elementary Conversation
Second level: Japanese 203, 204
Japanese 205 Intermediate Conversation I
Third level: Japanese 305 Intermediate Conversation
Japanese 306 (reading and translation)
Japanese 307 (speaking and listening)
Japanese 308 (grammar and writing)
Japanese 361 Advanced Japanese for the Professions
JAPN/CHIN/ASIA 111 [DIVR]: Asian Film
JAPN/ASIA 112, Japanese Popular Media (coming soon)
JAPN 120 [DIVR]: Traditional Japanese Culture
JAPN/ASIA 123 [HUM] Modern Japanese Culture
JAPN/CHIN/ASIA/HUM 131 [DIVR]: Masterpieces of Asian Literature
JAPN/CHIN/ASIA 320 [DIVR]: Issues in East Asian Ethics
Gender and Love in East Asian Culture
JAPN/CHIN/ASIA 322 [HUM] Ecology and East Asia
JAPN 499, Special Problems

Study Abroad

Washington State University students have many excellent opportunities for study abroad in Japan. Japan is safe, clean, organized, friendly, and affords the foreign visitor unlimited possibilities for learning, fun, and adventure. WSU students studying in Japan will earn college credit while experiencing this fascinating country first hand. We currently have partnerships with several fine universities: International Christian University (Tokyo); Nihon University (Tokyo); and Kansai Gaidai University (Osaka). Students have options to study elsewhere in Japan, as well. Admission is possible with a strong GPA, letters of recommendation, and two years of Japanese language training here at WSU. Financial aid is available.  MORE INFO–> (pdf)

For More Information Please Contact:

        Kayo Niimi
Thompson Hall 101F
Pullman, WA 99164


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